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Why You Should Enroll Your Kindle Book In the New Amazon Select Program

If you think the Kindle store is powerful, Amazon just released a brand new program called Kindle Select  (KDP Select) that allows your book to get exposure on steroids. This is particularly important when you are releasing a new title.

Amazon KDP Select Listing

To enroll in the Kindle select program you must commit to selling your Digital eBook exclusively on the Kindle platform for a period of 90 days. Thus allowing your book to be included in the kindle library program and featured as FREE for Amazon Prime members.

That means that to be eligible you cannot put your book up for sale on other digital selling platforms including your own website.

Amazon Allocates a $6 Million Fund for Kindle  (KDP) Select in 2012

Amazon is constantly expanding their digital selling platforms online; creating new ventures such as Amazon Prime to entice Amazon customers to subscribe to Amazon services on a monthly basis.  Amazon is not kidding around. In fact Amazon estimates that it will bring in at least $6 million throughout 2012 when readers borrow Kindle books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

If My Kindle Book is Free What’s In It For Me?

You may be asking yourself what you get out of Publishing your Kindle book as FREE on Amazon. Well, enrolling your title in the Kindle Select program allows you to take advantage of 5 days (out of the 90 day period) to advertise your book as FREE to Amazon Prime members on Amazon.

Although you will not earn any royalties for downloads of your Kindle book when offered free, think of this time as a powerful marketing window.

Use it to alert websites and reviewers to download your book for free, collect as many reviews as possible, involve the media, issue a press release (take full advantage!)

An incredible number of people consume free Kindle books. There are even several websites that publish daily listings of Kindle books available for free. By having your book available free on Amazon you stand to get a lot of external promotion for your book. You can also help this process along. A great Example for this is the Kindle Nation Daily .

Kindle Nation Daily “Free Book Highlighter” Service to Help Authors Get the Word Out About New Free Book Listings!

The Kindle Nation Daily, one of the most popular Kindle readership websites, offers some tools to help your Free listing get found quickly.
The first is their Free Ebook Tracker System. Go there to manually add your book to the site database.

In addition the site offers a unique and fantastic service called the Free Book Highlighter Service perfect for Amazon authors participating in the Amazon Kindle Select program 5 days FREE advertising.

Here’s The Free Book Highlighter Service Works

  1. Get everything ready the night before since you must complete your submission by 10 AM on the day you want your book highlighted.
  2. You create a free book promotion — for a specific date or date range of up to 5 days — for one of your titles at Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP) dashboard.
  3. Next, sign up for the Free Book Highlighter Service ($25.99 per title per day )

Indirect Sales Through Kindle Select

The real power behind enrolling your Kindle books in the Amazon Select program is when you have multiple titles for sale on Kindle.

This is true in general for making more money with Kindle. The most prolific authors make viral sales. It makes sense, if someone likes your book they will want to consume more of the same quality or style.

Imagine someone downloads your book for free, and then goes on to buy the rest of your available titles.

You may be reluctant to commit to selling your book on Kindle exclusively, however the sheer exposure your book will receive, as well as the reaping benefits of special Amazon promotional tools makes this decision a no brainer to anyone who is serious about getting someone else to market for them.


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