How To Use Google Docs for Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing with Google Docs

You may have heard about Google’s document platform called Google Docs. In fact documents attached to Gmail messages are opened automatically in Google Docs.

Since these document are placed in Google’ own network, they earn automatic attention from Google (and high page rank too 😉
In fact any article or blog pot can be published in Google docs as a public document.

View this quick video on How to Use Google Docs and leverage it for SEO and Internet Marketing.

Why Google Docs Are so Fantastic

In a nutshell, Google docs currently has a page rank of 9. This gives your link lot’s of authority and link juice!

Using the document share options your document can easily travel around the web and get downloaded by many and can even go viral!

Providing some good content with a link back to your site is only one possible application…

Here is the document I uploaded to Google docs in the video – How to create a Google Account

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