Automating Google Plus Posts to Twitter Using Feedburner

In the video above I show you how to get your Google Plus posts into Feedburner and post them automatically to Twitter.

And this is special for Mike Elgan who posted an article on Computerworld about automating your Google Plus posts and I wanted to show an easier way to do this.

As you can see on Google Plus you do not have an RSS feed address for your posts built in so we’re going to have to get our feed address first. Our RSS is simply an XML format of everything that we are posting

Getting an RSS Feed For Google Plus?

Step 1 – Getting a Google Plus Posts Feed with pluss – Feed Proxy for Google+

Let’s head on over to which will create a feed for our Google Plus posts.

**You must be signed into your Google Plus account to do this!

Simply select Login with Google and I’m going to allow access.

And now I have a Google Plus feed address.
Using Plus Feedproxy to get a Google Plus RSS Feed

Step 2 – Burning Your Google Plus Feed to Feedburner

The next step is to head on over to Feedburner to burn our feed and automate it to Twitter. (If you don’t yet have a feedburner account you can sign up for one – it’s free.)

Feedburner - Burn a Feed

Select Burn a feed right this instant, paste in your new Google Plus feed URL and click on Next.
You can change the feed address as you like and click on Next.

Optimizing the Feedburner Feed

Your feed is basically ready but what you want to do is optimize your feed and automate posting to Twitter.

**Note that the Feedburner feed address contains an empty space in it – so be ware not to copy the address from this window (you can click on the link to view the full feed and copy the address from your browser instead or wait till the end of the optimization process to get your new Feedburner feed address.

Note the Empty space in the Feedburner URL

Now it’s time to optimize our feed. I like to track click-throughs by selecting the Click-through check-box. You may use other tracking options as you wish.
To continue click on Next.
Optimize your Feedburner Feed

Select Smartfeed and activate it so that your feed is compatible with any feedreader application.

Now Go to the Publicize tab.

To notify RSS aggregators and directories every time your feed changes select Pingshot and activate the service.
Next and most important is to select Socialize to automate your posting to Twitter.

Step 3 – Linking Twitter to FeedBurner – Automate Posting From Feedburner to Twitter

Feedburner Socialize - Autopost to Twitter

You can decide how your tweet will look and whether you want to leave room for retweets or hashtags and activate the service.

Now every time you post to Google Plus it will automatically be tweeted out!

To check out what the Feedburner feed looks like by click on the RSS icon on the top right hand side of the screen. alternately you can go to “My Feeds” and select your new feed.

My Google Plus Feedburner Feed

You can see the full feed here as well as copy the Feedburner Feed address.

You can use your Feedburner Google Plus feed address on other platforms such as Blogger or apps connecting you to other social accounts to get your Google Plus posts all over the web.

Share your questions and comments below!


  1. says

    Shira. You are through. This is such a great tutorial. I am doing a lot of what you share here. But you have shown another simple trick. And that’s the Twitter publisher.

    Mike also adds and email subscription to his Google+ about page. You can use Feedburner to ship a daily email of your posts. That’s what I have done. But you cannot add a weekly schedule. I used mailchimp for that.

    I have a post scheduled for tomorrow on other small issues I have with Mike’s way. 😉

  2. Eric says

    I was really excited to use this but sadly I can’t get socialize to link my twitter account. Just has an error that says it, “an error has occured while connecting to your account. Please try again.” So sad :(

    • says

      Hey Eric,
      Try to log in to the Twitter Account you would like to connect before you log into Feedburner – and then click on the “Add Twitter Account” in the Socialize tab.
      Please let me know if it works :)


  3. VishwaKumar says

    @Shira – Excellent post ! I was wondering whether with your method can i get Google+ business Page post’s as a xml file so that i can parse the xml and show it on my clients website!? Is so how do i do it? If not is there any other way?

    Thank You.

    • says

      Hi VishwaKumar,

      I have not yet found a way to create an RSS Feed from a Google Plus Page.
      This questions has also been discussed in the Google Plus Help Discussion forums here.

      Right now you would need a developer to work with the Google Plus API –
      The online documentation for Google+ API is at

      Hopefully this will change in the near future.

      One way to get around this is to share posts from a Google Plus page to your stream and syndicate the content through your Google Plus Profile RSS Feed as described above.

      Please let us know if you find a new way to accomplish this!

      Take action and have a great day!

  4. Tom says

    Have you found a way to take an existing RSS feed and have it appear in G+ business page? (i.e. I have a blog on my business site, that I want to automatically feed into my G+ page). I have found a tool that does it for FB/Twitter, but not G+

    • says

      Hello Tom,

      I do not currently know of a way to pull an external RSS feed and display it within your Google Plus Page. This would entail more HTML access for the page than is available.
      If you are using the Chrome browser you might search for a plugin that can accomplish this.

      You can pull in a feed using Google Reader and Publish to your GPlus page from there. Does that help you out?

      Take action and have a great day,

    • says

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the additional resource!
      I like to use Feedburner so that I can track the stats, though Manage Filter looks great too!

      Take action and have a great day,

  5. says

    Hi Martin,

    It’s up to you whether you want to take your Feedburner feed and automate it to Twitter.

    You can also simply take the feed and use it as is anywhere online (for example: in your amazon author central account).

    Take action and have a great day,


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