Let me start by saying I am not a self proclaimed IM guru, on the contrary, I am opposed to any guruish comments on this site.  It’s not that I have anything against Gurus, respect to all, still being a guru can be kind of lonely.

Lets face it, we all are gurus of something – each of us has that certain something we are just a bit better than average at we can give back to others.  I happen to be the guru of doing, lets not go into the whole doing vs being thing here, I’m talking business after all ;)

Internet Marketing Duru is not for the lazy, shell-shocked or passive information seekers out there (although you too will probably benefit from the tips and information on this site). If you are still searching for the HOW the WHAT the WHEN, then don’t be surprised you found my site (Karma?).


Just last week I was chatting on Skype with one of my mobile account managers. They were very interested in the incredible Duru Mobile Traffic Sources list and they had lot’s of questions;
Is it up to date, what kind of traffic does each traffic source have and specifically how to get starting testing new self serve mobile traffic sources.

So I did my best to answer as many questions as time permitted and decided to share my insights here with you so that you can also join the mobile marketing craze if you haven’t already.

Is the Mobile Traffic Source List Up to Date?

Traffic sources change and evolve all the time. Over the month of August I will be updating this enormous list to reflect some of the changes in existing listed sources as well as add many more new self serve mobile traffic sources I have discovered.

How to Get Started Working with a New Self Serve Mobile Traffic Source

The answer to this question is simple, though I don’t imagine many people take this route as it requires a little effort up front (that can save you a ton of money in the long run and also make you new connections): Talk to them!

OK, that is in short but you may be asking specifically what do I ask?

Step 1 – Schedule a Time to Talk

Whether it is via Linkedin or email you want to schedule a time for a short introductory voice call. And I stress the call needs to be in voice, Chat just isn’t personal enough and you won’t get nearly as much info this way.

Step 2 – Make a Personal Connection

A Voice call is crucial!

Make a Voice Call to the Mobile Network

Many people think of traffic networks as a big black hole of sites links and techie info. Well people run networks, manage accounts and answer support tickets. So getting to know the people that can help you navigate the mobile traffic network is key to your success.

  • First off let them tell you about the network; how long it’s been running, their position and anything else they volunteer right off the bat.
  • Second ask  (and closely listen to their answers while taking notes):
  • What kind of mobile traffic do you have – Mobile web or Mobile in app traffic?
  • What are your prominent OS – Android, iOS, Windows Phone?
  • What are your main traffic GEOs? Can you send me a list of your top geos and traffic breakdown?
  • And most important – What kind of offers do well on your network? Can you share some examples with me? Do you support Pay Per call offers, do mobile content or app downloads work best with your traffic?

Also tell them a little about yourself, your experience with similar networks and your available budget (remember money talks!)

Lastly you may inquire whether the mobile traffic network also provides a managed account service and if so how it works.

Step 3 – How to Create Mobile Campaigns in This Specific Mobile Traffic Source

Now that you have a good idea of this new traffic source and the potential campaigns you can test on their traffic it’s time to get a little techie and ask about the platform itself.

Data for your mobile traffic

Ask About Optimizing!

Here are some areas you will want to cover:

  • What are the best ad formats to run? Here you are specifically addressing mobile creative sizes, tablets Vs phones, Interstitial Vs Banners, mobile video ads, app walls and text ads. Always ask which works best, what size creative gets the most traffic and from their experience which works best conversion wise.
  • Are there campaign and or creative restrictions? Here you are asking about the types of campaigns you can run on their traffic. Can you run an APK? Do they accept Whatsapp or antivirus campaigns and so on.
  • How long does it take to get campaigns approved?
  • How long does it take for the traffic to stop once I pause a campaign (this can affect your bottom line so watch out!)
  • What details does your reporting provide, do you support conversion tracking?
  • What variables can I use in my links to get data back from you that can be used for optimization later. Here you are asking about getting data on site or publisher id’s from their network along with and data relevant to the traffic like the phone version, model, OS version, location and so on.

Always leave the door open to ask more questions later after you set up a few campaigns.


Remember!  Be polite, respect their time and be prepared with your questions in advance.

 Mega Tip!

Use a competitive mobile media intelligence tool to see which ads are running on your new potential source!


Questions or comments? Please share them below!




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