Let me start by saying I am not a self proclaimed IM guru, on the contrary, I am opposed to any guruish comments on this site.  It’s not that I have anything against Gurus, respect to all, still being a guru can be kind of lonely.

Lets face it, we all are gurus of something – each of us has that certain something we are just a bit better than average at we can give back to others.  I happen to be the guru of doing, lets not go into the whole doing vs being thing here, I’m talking business after all ;)

Internet Marketing Duru is not for the lazy, shell-shocked or passive information seekers out there (although you too will probably benefit from the tips and information on this site). If you are still searching for the HOW the WHAT the WHEN, then don’t be surprised you found my site (Karma?).


When I was just starting out in Internet Marketing, I joined an apprentice program.

secret tool

Best Kept Secret

One of the tools they recommended was no longer accepting new members. And you probably know by now that I hate taking no for an answer. So I fought and clawed my way in; because these guys really knew their stuff and virtually everything I learned in this program taught me how to better my marketing and make sales online.

And to be honest, I never mentioned it to anyone because it was closed to the public. I later discovered some really big named marketers use this tool, only no one talks about it, like a precious secret.

I have been using this tool for years.

I’m happy to tell you that they just came out with a new version, and considering my business runs on this, I’ve never ever been more excited about a product update in my life. They are selling a small number beta spots, and I got my spot right away.

You see most people are making bad links for their marketing. And I will explain…

Bad Link Mistakes

Don't use bad links in your marketing!

Don’t use bad links in your marketing!

 Wrong: Direct links to affiliate sites

It’s human nature for people to strip out the affiliate link and go directly to the site, which means you don’t get commissions. Don’t make this newbie mistake!

 Wrong: Scary tracking link

So many services create these really obvious tracking links, and studies have proven that these scare off people from clicking your link, costing you more sales. Never send ugly links to people.

Wrong: Generic tracking links

A lot of services create short links (like bit.ly) or keyword tracking links on the domain of the tracking service. These still scare off people from clicking and are a wasted branding opportunity. You should always use your own primary domains in links.

How should you do it right? If you want to promote something to me or anyone else, follow these three simple guidelines, and, guaranteed, the same promotions will generate more sales:

Good Link Guidelines

Make Good Links!

Increase your conversions with good links!

  1. Send links that look like normal everyday links, with no tracking codes to scare me off.
  2. They should be on a domain name I know and associate with you, never a generic one.
  3. Use keywords in them that indicate where I’m going to end up and make me curious.

Here’s an example of a good link: http://www.InternetMarketingDuru.com/MakeGoodLinks

  • You know it’s from me because it’s on the same domain as my website.
  • You know it’s safe because I’m endorsing it with my website name in the link.
  • It brands me every time it’s seen, instead of promoting some service (for free) with their domain name instead of mine.
  • It tells you what’s coming, so you know what to expect and feel totally safe clicking it.

And, even though it looks like a normal link, it’s made by what is arguably the best tracking service for marketing.

Duru, How do I Make Good Links?

So, how do you make good links like that? The kind that don’t scare people off? The kind more people click? The kind you can track with ease? There is only *one* service that creates, manages, and tracks links like that for all your sites in one place, and that’s just one of the things it does to help you make more from your marketing.

Now you are getting first dibs cause this tool is in pre launch, and if you get in now you will get grandfathered in at a super low rate which will never increase. But there are only a limited number of spots before the official launch starts and the price increases.

And even then they are not accepting a ton of new members. And as you read in the beginning of my post, they will close down and no one will mention it again in public… because it’s just that good.

The pre-launch version includes:

** SEO links
** QR codes
** Short links
** Make multiple links going to the same destination and track each one’s stats.
** Change your destination to an already published link (this is super powerful)
** Split-tests affiliate links to find out which is most profitable or converts better.
** Adds scarcity to links to get people to make it more urgent to click on your links.
** Cloaks pages with frames to show your URL in the address bar.
** Adds any other tracking systems into links, like google analytics, or retargeting cookies.
** Adds your custom headers or footers to almost any destination site, so you can add extra incentive or bring people back to your site after, or even add social bookmarking bars.
** Embeds affiliate links into destinations, like when you’re sending people to a webinar link, so you still get credited for sales.
** One central dashboard to manage the links across all of your domains and see stats

While all that and more is working right now and is awesome, there’s much more coming before they launch and raise the price. In a few months it will also track several other types of marketing like email opens. It will also have conversion tracking integrated into everything so you can track visits from marketing to landing on your site to buying, or import affiliate conversions. And it will have everything network marketers need to protect their traffic sources and keywords.

So if you have your own websites and do any type of promotion at all you seriously need to get this now, before they raise the price and close their doors…

Click here to Make Good Links for Good!

And since I want you to get the most out of this tool, once you sign up please shoot me an email and I will help you get set up on a FREE Skype call



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