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A Voice call is crucial!

Duru Guide to Working With New Mobile Self Serve Traffic Sources

Just last week I was chatting on Skype with one of my mobile account managers. They were very interested in the incredible Duru Mobile Traffic Sources list and they had lot’s of questions; Is it up to date, what kind of traffic does each traffic source have and specifically how to get starting testing new […]

Mobile is Now!

My Favorite Mobile CPA Affiliate Networks

Mobile Is Now Everyone keeps saying “Mobile is the Future”, well I hate to say it but the future is here. More and more advertising dollars are funneled into mobile campaigns, mobile dev and yes, mobile CPA offers. If you haven’t yet joined the party, the time is now! And if you want results fast […]

Kiip Ad example

Kiip Innovating Mobile Advertising – Duru Interviews Kiip

As you know I have been super busy building my mobile advertising and mobile CPA business. It’s no secret I work hand in hand with many of the top Mobile CPA Networks such as MobPartner, Yeahmobi, Neverblue and MundoMedia. Well, when Cole Carnes, my former affiliate manager at Neverblue moved on to Kiip I just […]

Mobile App Burst

Should You Promote Mobile App Download Burst Campaigns

What Are Mobile App Download Burst Campaigns? If you have been working in the Mobile app CPA world you have probably come across mobile app burst campaigns. These are very short CPI (cost per download) mobile app promotional campaigns that can last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days. Payouts on these campaigns can […]

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